Frequently Asked Questions - Business FAQ

What is WebOpenings?

WebOpenings is a platform that allows merchants the ability to fill their last minute appointments automatically through their point of sale scheduling system. WebOpenings provides merchants the ability to customize their last minute appointments similar to what the hotel and airline industries have been utilizing for years thus providing a yield management tool for these businesses.

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How do I sign up as a business owner?

All you need to do is click here to enroll your business with WebOpenings.

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Does every business get approved to be a provider on WebOpenings?

No, WebOpenings is selective as to which businesses will be approved. Once you fill out the sign up form, you must be approved before you can we can start filling your last minute openings. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email from WebOpenings for you to activate your account.

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Why should my business use WebOpenings?

Think about all of your service openings that go unused each day. This translates into less money in your pocket and less efficient use of your staff. Bottom line, your business and your service providers are losing out on revenue. WebOpenings is here to help turn your last minute openings into booked appointments in a very easy to use way.

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How do I show my openings on WebOpenings?

If your business is using one of our POS scheduling system partners, you will create one time business parameters (rules) with our assistance which takes about 15 minutes to complete. Once your rules are setup, your last minute openings will appear automatically for the public to book on your WebOpenings business page, your facebook page and your website.

If you are not using one of our POS scheduling system partners, you will manually add in your availabilities throughout the week for the openings that you want to fill through WebOpenings.

The staff at WebOpenings by Octopi is always here to help. You can email us anytime at  or call 888.796.5755.

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Can I see the WebOpenings Privacy Policy and Customer User Agreement?

WebOpenings Privacy Policy can be found by clicking here. The User Agreement can be viewed by clicking here.

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Disclaimer: WebOpenings guarantees that it will generate at least $149 worth of appointment revenue in every month of service, or else you are entitled to a full refund. The guarantee is contingent upon:
A. Having the WebOpenings booking widget on your website within 1 week of signing up for the service.
B. Submitting an customer email database to WebOpenings with at least 2000 valid email addresses to be used for circulating appointment availability.